Create a new J2C authentication alias

Create a J2C authentication alias for your data sources. Each data source (Framework Services, Reporting Services, Smart Notification) requires an authentication alias.

  1. Navigate to Resources > JDBC > Data sources > Oracle data source.
  2. Click JAAS - J2C authentication data.
  3. Click New.
  4. Specify these values to create a new J2C authentication alias:

    An alias of your choosing.

    User ID

    The Oracle database user ID.


    The password for the Oracle database user ID.


    A description for the user ID.

    Click OK.

  5. Select the data source. In the Security Settings section, select the alias you created from the Component-managed authentication alias drop-down field.
  6. Click Apply and OK.
  7. Click Save to save the configuration changes.
  8. Restart the Application Server.
  9. Return to Resources > JDBC > Data sources.
  10. Select the data source and click Test connection.
    Note: If the connection test fails, verify all field values and passwords and test again.
  11. Create any remaining authentication alias for your applications (Reporting Services, Smart Notification).