Enable Lawson Smart Reports

Before you can use LSR in Infor BI for Lawson, ensure LSR is enabled in Infor Lawson System Foundation.

  1. Enable LSR in Infor Lawson System Foundation. For more information, see:
    • Infor Lawson Core Technology Installation Guide

    • Infor Lawson Administration: Jobs and Reports

  2. Ensure these folders are open for FTP:
    • <LAWDIR>/<productline>/lsr/templates/custom/<program_code>/<user>/

    • <LAWDIR>/<productline>/lsr/templates/custom/<program_code>/

    • <LAWDIR>/<productline>/lsr/templates/standard/<program_code>/

  3. Enable LSR in Reporting Services. See the instructions in Validating the Reporting Services Installation or the Reporting Services Administrator and User Guide.