Installation stalls after setting up WebSphere Global Security

The Infor BI for Lawson installation program uses wsadmin scripts to deploy each of the applications. You must add signers to your trust store after setting up global security and before running the Infor BI for Lawson installation. Otherwise, the installation may fail. This failure is due to a command shell message awaiting confirmation.

Within the Infor_Lawson_BI_####_Install_####_.log file you may see this error message:

*** SSL SIGNER EXCHANGE PROMPT *** SSL signer from target host localhost is not found in trust store
 C:/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01/etc/trust.p12. Here is the signer information (verify the digest value
 matches what is displayed at the server): Subject DN: CN=host, O=IBM,C=US
Use one of these methods to resolve the issue:
  • Run the shell command and confirm the resulting message to add the signer to the truststore:

    PROFILE_ROOT\bin\wsadmin.bat -lang jython -user globalSecurityUser -password globalSecurityPassword

  • Run the retrieveSigners.bat shell command according to the requirements of your system configuration. For more information, see: