Complete the data source set up

After creating the data source, complete the steps to link the data source to the FTP site created earlier.

  1. On the newly created data source window, click Back to List.
  2. On the Data Source screen, click the [Edit FTP Settings] link.
  3. Specify this information for the FTP connection:
    Lawson Application Server

    The name of the back office server where the print files reside.

    Connection User

    An OS user who has permission to issue FTP commands to the back office server.


    The FTP password for this user.

    Confirm Password

    Retype the password for the user.

    Product Line

    The product line your reports are coming from.

    Data Area

    The specific data area your reports are running in.

    Application Home Path

    Provide the Application Home Path. For example, $LAWDIR for Unix or %LAWDIR% for Windows.

    This location is where the Lawson Application resides, and all other paths, for example, system and print directories, are relative to this location.

    For Lawson Core Technology, this information is




    For Lawson Foundation Technology 8.1, this is <WEBDIR>/lawson/xtra/properties.

    Report Information Path

    Provide the Report Information Path (e.g., <WEBDIR>/lawson/xtra/properties where WEBDIR is the document root directory defined in your web server).

    This location contains reporting property files and meta-information for reporting.

    Server Deployment Status

    Change to Enabled

    Check Server Frequency

    Provide a time (between 1 - 90 minutes) if you want one different from the default.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Click [Edit FTP Settings].
  6. Click Test Saved Connection.

    If the connection works, a message is displayed next to the link.