Create a data source

  1. In Framework Services, navigate to Tools dashboard and click Report Administration.
  2. From the Reporting Services Administration screen, select Server Administration > New Data Source.
  3. Specify this information for the new data source:

    A name that identifies the data source


    More descriptive information about the data source


    Lawson Data Connection

  4. Optional. If you have created the Lawson Application Link Services in Framework services, provide the Drill Around information:
    Lawson IOS Service

    The SID from your IOS Service

    Lawson Portal Service

    The SID from your Portal Service

  5. Click Next.
  6. Specify this information for the data source:

    The name of the back office server. This is the server name in the portal URL.


    The port used by the back office environment. This is the port number in the portal URL.

    Data Area

    The data area your reports are coming from.

    User Name

    A web user who can publish all reports from this product line/data area.


    The web password for this user.

    Confirm Password

    Retype the web password for the user.

    Note: The remaining fields should default to the correct values.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Test Saved Connection link at the bottom of the data source window.

    If the connection works, a message is displayed next to the link.