Displaying the dashboard banner

Use this procedure to show or remove the banner from the dashboard. The Framework Services service must be registered before you can hide the dashboard banner.

If Framework Services is integrated with Infor Ming.le or Infor Smart Office, the Infor banner is not displayed regardless of the value of the showBanner property.

  1. In Framework Services, select Tools > Services.
  2. In the Framework Services Service module, click Display Dashboard.
  3. Click New Property.
  4. In New property name, specify showBanner.
  5. In showBanner, specify one of these:
    • YES: Framework Services shows the Infor banner.
      Note: This is the default setting if no showBanner property is added.
    • NO: This hides the Infor banner.
  6. Click Update. Refresh the page for the changes take effect.