Registering an application

Use this procedure to register a new application and its corresponding services in Framework Services. When the application is registered, the homepage, search, and render services are registered for the application.

To perform this procedure you must know the application server URL, including the server name and port number.

  1. Select Tools > Services.
  2. Click the plus sign to the right of the title Services and select Register Application. A list of available applications is displayed.
  3. Click the required application name. The Register Services screen is displayed. It contains fields appropriate to the application you are registering and described here.
  4. Specify the appropriate information.
  5. Click Register button. Framework Services shows the results of the registration process.
  6. Specify this information:
    Application Server URL
    This field is displayed in all application registration screens with the name of the application replacing the term Application Server.
    Note: Do not terminate the URL with a forward slash (/). For example, http://sn-server:8282/lsn is correct.
    Portal Line
    Is displayed only in the Lawson Portal registration screen.
    Note: If you are using more than one Lawson Portal environment and opts for each environment to use LAL functionality, you must register each Lawson Portal environment separately.
    System Name
    Is displayed on all registration screens.
    Give Access to
    To grant access to all users and roles, check all. To grant access to specific users and roles, click Select/View. The Users and Roles screen is displayed.
  7. Select the users and roles from the available list and move them to the selected list.
  8. Click Save. The assigned user and roles are displayed on the Register Services screen.