Server-side processes

Framework Services has a URL-based API that enables you to modify an object using URL requests. This API enables you to modify an object without opening its edit dialog.

This is the generic format of an update URL:

<< EFSServer>>/update?id=<id of module or link>&<name of property>=<value of property>&<name of property>=<value of property>&

With this format, you can simultaneously update multiple properties. The URL is secured by authentication. The system ignores unauthenticated URL requests or URL requests without the required security clearance.

This URL-based API can be used to change an object using an automated process. For example, you can change a link's traffic light status icon from green to red. To perform this function, you need a server-based program to trigger a call to a Framework Services URL API.

This URL updates the link with ID 43524 to show a red status icon:


This table shows specific properties and their corresponding URLs:

Process URL
Update Timestamp <<EFSServer>>/update?id=<id of module or link>&updateTimestamp=true
Update Timestamp to a Specific Value <<EFSServer>>/update?id=<id of module or link>&timestamp=<number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00.00.00 GMT>
Update Status Icon <<EFSServer>>/update?id=<id of module or link>&updateStatus=<urgent, high, medium, low, neutral, none>
Update a Status Icon with URL and Description <<EFSServer>>/update?id=<id of module or link>&updateStatus=<urgent, high, medium, low, neutral, none>&statusMessage=<text string>&statusLink=<url>
Set My Own Status Icon <<EFSServer>>/update?id=<id of module or link>&statusIcon=<url of your icon>

For example, <<EFSServer>>/update?id=id1273&statusIcon=fs/images/status_n_bulb.gif

Change the Owners of Dashboards, Modules, and Links <<EFSServer>>/update?id=<id of module or link>&owner=<valid efs user id>