Set up Services Automation (SA) security (SA customers only)

Most often, you will use Services Automation (SA) security for authentication if SA is the primary front office application. SA ships with a file called SNuserdata.htm, which contains a script that are used by the Lawson application to authenticate with SA.

SA authentication only uses one parameter.

To modify Services Automation authentication properties using the System Configuration Assistant

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and click System Settings. The System Configuration Assistant opens.
  2. Select Services Automation as the authentication provider. A set of Services Automation property fields opens. These properties are described here:
    Services Automation Base URL


    This property points to the URL location of the SA automation base.

    Power Designer Role


    This optional property grants power designer rights to all users in the specified user group.

  3. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the System Configuration Assistant.
  4. In Websphere, stop and start your Framework Services application server.