System Configuration Assistant

To open the System Configuration Assistant, select System Settings in the Tools dashboard or you can open it by or appending this case-sensitive filename to efs/ in the browser SysconfigAssistant.jsp.

For example, http://<server name>:<port number>/efs/SysconfigAssistant.jsp

System Configuration Assistant is your administrative access to the system configuration.

These are the sections in the System Configuration Assistant:

  • Authentication Provider lists information about the authenticator used to verify users in Framework Services.
  • Repository provides information on the Framework Services database that was created during installation, including the JNDI Name.
  • Application Link Service
  • System Localization
  • Dashboard Audit used to enable or disable dashboard auditing.
  • Advanced Settings
Note: If you make changes to values in the System Configuration Assistant, you must restart the applications server for the changes to take effect.