Exporting dashboards

Use this procedure to export dashboards for importing into other Framework Services installations or for backup purposes. The export file consists of an archived set of XML documents which are saved as one ZIP file.

  1. Open the Tools dashboard.
  2. Click Dashboard Export to open the Dashboard Export screen. Dashboard information is displayed in hierarchical form in the right side of the Dashboard Export screen. The hierarchy contains dashboard names, content module names, and content item names. A check box is displayed in front of the items that you can export.
  3. Select the check boxes corresponding to the dashboards to be exported. The dashboard and all its components are exported. To select all dashboards, check All in the top of the hierarchy. Checked items are added to the export list on the left side of the screen.
  4. In Export Name, specify a name for the export file.
  5. Optionally, in Description, specify a description of the file. Framework Services shows this description during the import process.
  6. Optionally, in Version, specify a version for the file, if necessary. The version number or letter that you specify is appended to the file name.
  7. Click Export to open the File Download screen.
  8. Click Save this file to disk.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Specify where to save the file and click Save.