Displaying Lawson forms in content modules

Use this procedure to show a Lawson form in a content module.

To show a Lawson form in a content module:

  1. Set up a shortcut to the Lawson IOS directory in the root of the Framework Services webserver.

    For example, if the Framework Services URL is http://<<efs server>>/efs, then this URL should link to the Lawson directory: http://<<portal server>>/lawson

  2. In the Lawson Portal, click Manage Shortcuts and create a shortcut to Framework Services. To create the shortcut, use this path: http://<<efs server>>/efs/go?lawsonForms=true.
  3. From the Portal, launch Framework Services and locate the content module from which is to be displayed in the Lawson form.
  4. To create the link to the form, click the corresponding menu button. Click Edit > Content.
  5. In the onClick field, specify parent.loadERPForm("<<form>>","<<prod line>>").

    For example, parent.loadERPForm("RD30.1","Logan").

  6. Change the action value to onClick. Click Save.