To edit a device type

  1. Select the device type and click Edit.
  2. Modify the attribute values as described here:

    E-mail, printer, and network drive device: Specify the name of the device. The name is displayed in the list of device types.

    Description (Optional)

    E-mail, printer, and network drive device: Specify a description for the device you are setting up. This description displays only in the device list.

    Path to Acrobat

    Printer device: Specify the path to the location of Acrobat.

    Path the Temporary Directory

    Printer device: Specify the directory path where temporary printer files are stored.

    Temporary File Expire Hours

    Printer device: Specify the number of hours before the temporary files are automatically deleted.


    E-mail device: Specify the host path name. For example:


    E-mail device: Specify the sender's name or other identification. For example: