To configure a delivery device


This procedure applies equally to user and system devices. A change to the preferred system device is updated automatically as soon as you select a new preferred device.

  1. Access the Tools dashboard.
  2. Click the Delivery link. The Delivery Administration screen is displayed. This screen shows all currently configured e-mail, printer, and network drive devices (All Devices) or for selected users (User Devices or My Devices).
  3. Click the New button to access the Device Edit screen.
  4. Modify the device attributes as described here:
    Name Specify the name to appear in the list of devices.
    Owner Framework Services defaults your login name in this field. You cannot modify this field or reassign the owner of the device.
    Description (Optional) Specify a description for the device you are setting up. This description is displayed only in the device list.

    Specify the e-mail address, for example,; or the printer address, for example, \\SouthWind\Se1022; or the network drive device, for example, \\MyNetworkDriveLocation\Subfolder.


    For the network drive device, Websphere Application Server should be run as a service by a user that has access to the network drive.

    Device Type Select the name of the device type. The list contains a list of all e-mail , printer, and network drive device types that exist on the system.
  5. Click Save.

    In importing a delivery device complete these steps.