Importing and exporting dashboards

The dashboard import and export tools allow you to export dashboards from one Framework Services system and import them into another Framework Services system. Importing and exporting dashboards saves time and effort because you can reuse dashboards instead of recreating them. After a dashboard is imported, you can edit, customize, and share it just like other locally created content. Because content links are not exported or imported, you must re-establish all the content links in the imported dashboard.

Content modules and content items are not exportable on their own. They must be exported as part of a dashboard.

Export is to a ZIP file that contains a set of XML documents that describe the dashboard and its components. When exporting, you name the ZIP file, enter a description, and assign a version number to the file. The user who performs the import owns all of the imported items and must grant other users access and rights to the imported items, as appropriate.