Framework Services overview

Framework Services is the infrastructure for Infor BI for Lawson. It provides a central user interface for all registered Infor BI for Lawson services and applications such as Reporting Services and Smart Notification.

Framework Services:

  • Integrates the Infor BI for Lawson suite of applications
  • Provides functionality such as rendering and searching
  • Provides cross platform communications
  • Facilitates a central user interface and data repository
  • Facilitates authentication between applications

Framework Services overview

Framework Services Overview

Registered applications

Applications such as Reporting Services and Smart Notification, along with other online applications, must be registered with Framework Services before they are used. Registration enables the application to fully use Framework Services functionality.


Framework Services provides dashboards as a means of accessing registered applications and their outputs and also provides infrastructure services to the applications. These include authentication services and E-mail.

Framework Services database

Framework Services contains its own database independent of the registered application databases. It contains repositories of dashboard and user/role information.


You can run Framework Services as a standalone application or within the Lawson Portal. When running inside the Lawson Portal, you get the navigational and search benefits of Framework Services and the Lawson Portal in one interface.