Importing Infor BI for Lawson solution packages

The Deployment Utility enables you to import Infor BI for Lawson solution packages from Lawson Quickstep for one or more of these services:

  • Framework Services
  • Reporting Services
  • Smart Notification

You can download Quickstep solution packages from the product download page. The downloaded file is a zip file that in turn contains zipped solution packages for one or more services.

The Deployment Utility enables you to deploy dashboards, and Reporting Services and Smart Notification solutions from a single point. You can also import each delivered zip file individually using the import feature of the corresponding service.

  1. Before you import a solution package, download the appropriate zip file from the product download page and save it locally.
  2. Open the Tools dashboard.
  3. Click the Deployment Utility link. The Deployment Utility screen is displayed.
  4. Browse for the zip file containing the solution package.
  5. Click Import. Framework Services content is delivered in a folder called fs; Reporting Services in a folder called rs; Smart Notification in a folder called sn.
  6. When the import is complete, a screen is displayed with a tab for each imported package. Click on a tab to view import and solution details.
    Note: A tab is not displayed for a service if the solution package does not contain a solution for that service or if that service is not registered in your installation.
  7. If the import fails for any the solutions, correct the issue, download the zip files again and re-import. Before re-importing, remove any applications directory for which the import was successful to prevent duplicate content.