Configuring group access for Infor BI for Lawson

Use the procedure to control which user groups have access to applications. Scenarios include:

  • A subset of Infor Smart Office users will use applications.
  • A large company wants to designate a small group of users for applications.
  1. Open the Tools dashboard and click System Settings. The System Configuration Assistant is displayed.
  2. Specify a value for User Must Belong to Role to identify who are allowed access to Infor BI for Lawson.

    This table shows sample values for the User Must Belong to Role field:

    User Sample values Users or groups allowed access to Infor BI for Lawson
    Multiple users Administrators, PowerDesigners, Users Users in the Administrators, PowerDesigners, and Users groups
    Single user Administrators Only users assigned to the Administrator role
    Empty string (default setting) All users
    Note: Special characters are not supported. If special characters are specified in the User Must Belong to Role field, users cannot log into Infor BI for Lawson.
  3. Click Save Changes.
  4. Stop and restart the application server for the changes to take effect.