Registering a service group

  1. Open the Tools > Services dashboard.
  2. Click the plus sign to the right of the Services and select New Service.
  3. Specify this information.
    Specify a unique identifier for the service. The ID cannot contain spaces or quote characters.
    Specify a name for the service. This is displayed as a link inside the service group.
    Specify an identifier for the service provider. This identifier is displayed in the title bar of the service group when the group is registered.
    Specify the provider type for the service. These are the values:
    • EFS (Framework Services)
    • SN (Smart Notification)
    • RS (Reporting Services)
    • MB (Data Marts Builder)
    Specify the type of service being registered. These are the values:
    • search: Defines a search service
    • render: There must be a rendering service for every search service so that the found item is rendered to the screen
    • chat: Used only by LIM providers
    • icon: Used only by LIM providers
    • homepage: Defines the dashboard where the service appears
    • admin: Define an administrative page for a provider
    • metasearch: Used only by EFS providers for search service
    Specify the service version.
    Specify the location of the service as it can be referenced by other services. If you do not know the service location, specify null. You can update the field later.
    To add an optional property to the service, click New Property.
    1. Specify the property name and click OK. The new property field is displayed on the property screen.
    2. Specify a value for this new property.
    Set Access To
    Check all to grant access to all users.

    To grant access to a set of users click Select. Move users and roles between the available (with no access) and Selected (with access) lists and click Save.

    Users and roles with access are listed in the gray box beside the Select button on the Register Service screen.

  4. When done, click Register.