To test a delivery device

  1. Access the Tools dashboard.
  2. Click the Delivery link. The Delivery Administration screen is displayed.
  3. Click Delivery Test on the Device Tools menu.
  4. To test an e-mail device:
    1. Specify the user name of the recipient.
    2. Select Is Role if you specified a role name instead of a user name.
    3. Click Send. Verify that the user received the test e-mail message.
  5. To test a printer or network drive device:
    1. Specify the name of the user who owns the device to test.
    2. Click Get Devices. Framework Services populated the next list with the printer and network drive devices owned by this user.
    3. Select the device to test in the list.
    4. Click Send. Framework Services reports on the success or otherwise of the test. For network drive devices, a PDF file should be copied to the network drive location.