Importing dashboards

Use this procedure to import a ZIP file that contains exported dashboards data.

Note: When you import a dashboard, the dashboard's sharing preferences are not included. You must reassign the shared options after the dashboard is imported.
  1. Open the Tools dashboard.
  2. Click Dashboard Import. The Dashboard Import screen is displayed.
  3. Specify the ZIP file path or browse for the file containing the dashboard to import.
  4. Click Import. When the import is completed, the Dashboard Import Summary screen is displayed.
    Note: This screen contains the status of the import, the name of the imported file, the name, description, and version number of the imported file, the new owner of the dashboard, a list of the imported content, mapping information, and error messages.
  5. Click refresh to view the new dashboard in the dashboard tab bar.
  6. To assign or reassign the dashboard's sharing preferences, click the plus sign on the right-hand side of the imported dashboard's title bar.
  7. Select Edit. The Dashboard Edit screen is displayed.
  8. Click the Sharing tab. Select Edit viewers to allow only specific users to view the dashboard. In the Users and Roles window, select the users or roles who should be able to view the dashboard and add them to the dashboard.
  9. Click Save.