A notification is content that Smart Notification delivers to subscribers. Notifications are based on InfoSets that you construct.

A notification usually contains these:

  • A description of its contents or why it was sent

  • Suggested actions

  • Graphics or tables

  • Links to related information, applications, and people

Typically, Smart Notification delivers notifications to the recipients through email. However, you can deliver notifications in a variety of ways, such as the Lawson Portal,Infor Smart Office Inbox, a cell phone, PDA, or fax machine.

Before you build a notification, you must determine the audience and purpose for the notification. You can use the Notification wizard to:

  • Choose the data to include in the notification

  • Choose the conditions to apply to the data

  • Determine the calculations you want Smart Notification to perform with the data

  • Choose when and how the notification will be delivered

  • Add related links or other additional related information