Creating a parent notification

  1. Click Notifications.
  2. Click Add to open the Notifications wizard.
  3. Set up the notification.
    Note: You can edit an existing notification or create a new notification based on an existing notification.
  4. Click Related Info. This screen contains all of the facts that you specified for the notification.
  5. Click the Customize Links link corresponding to the fact you want to add related links.
  6. Specify this information:
    Include a 'Details' links on each row and dynamically generate a details page every time
    To have only the default Details link on each row of the table.
    Do not display any links
    To have no links.
    Customize the links using the information below
    To have a custom selection of links. Select the items to appear as links. Use Add Link to select how you want the links to appear.
    Other Link
    To include a notification without parameters as a link on the alert. In the Other link field, specify or paste the objid (object ID) of the notification. Use Add Link to select how you want the links to appear.
    Note: To determine a notification objid (object ID) number, go to the Notifications page and right click on the name of the notification to which you want to link. Select properties and copy the object ID number.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Go to Save and save the notification.