To work with an individual InfoSet

  1. Click Admin > Work With InfoSets.
  2. Click the group name that contains the InfoSet. All of the group's InfoSets and their descriptions appear.
  3. Locate the InfoSet and click the link corresponding to the task to perform.

    Refresh the InfoSet. Smart Notification loads any new data from the data source, but does not process and deliver notifications.

    If you have specified any parameters for the data source, a form listing the parameters along with text boxes appears. Use this form to specify a value for each parameter.

    After you update the InfoSet, the Work With InfoSets screen displays the status of the InfoSet and the number of rows of data. For more information about InfoSet statuses, see To work with InfoSet statuses.


    Process and deliver all notifications that use the InfoSet.


    Edit the InfoSet.

    When you click this link, the InfoSet wizard appears. For more information about modifying an InfoSet, see Creating or modifying an InfoSet.

    Edit Data

    This link appears for internal InfoSets only.

    Edit the data in the data set. Use the Edit screen to modify and save your data. For more information about modifying an InfoSet, see Creating or modifying an InfoSet.


    Clear the existing data from the InfoSet. You can also click this link to make Smart Notification stop processing the InfoSet.

    Smart Notification changes the InfoSet's status to Needs Updated.


    View a sampling of the data in the InfoSet.


    View the XML definition of the InfoSet. You cannot modify this file.

    To save the file, click File > Save As. After you have saved the file, you can import it into another Smart Notification system by clicking Upload in the Work With InfoSets screen.


    Access the InfoSet URLs screen and view a the list of global, group, and individual InfoSet URLs corresponding to the item you selected.

    Click an InfoSet link to update the InfoSet and process notifications that use that InfoSet.

    You can also use the InfoSet URLs screen to identify the InfoSet URLs to add to a batch job.


    Click this link to view a list of notifications that use the InfoSet.

    You can click a notification link from the list to view the notification's contents.


    Click to delete the InfoSet.