Burst a notification that contains an ID

Follow the steps below if the data for your notification contains an ID, for example, employee ID, and a second (bursting) InfoSet has been created that provides the email address for each ID.

  • For the InfoSet that contains the data for the notification:
  • For the InfoSet that contains the email addresses:
    • Categorize the column containing the IDs, the categorization needs to be the same as the ID column in the other InfoSet
    • Confirm the column of email addresses has Burst On checked.
  1. Create a notification and select data from the InfoSet that includes the employee, or other, IDs
  2. On the Notifications wizard, go to the Bursting tab.
  3. Select the table containing the IDs.
  4. Select the column that contains the IDs.
  5. For Generate email addresses by, select Looking up addresses using an InfoSet.
  6. Select the appropriate InfoSet and email column.
  7. Save the notification.