Viewing a content item's subscribers

Use this procedure to access a content item's list of subscribers.

  1. Click Admin > Content Administration Tool. The Content Administration screen is displayed.
  2. To search for the content to reassign, specify your search criteria. You can use one or more of these fields, depending on what you are searching for.
    Show Items Owned By
    Click the Click here to select user name link. The Users and Group screen is displayed. You can use this screen to browse for the content's current owner. After selecting the owner, click OK.
    Show Including
    To limit your search results, specify a word or name to filter the list of content. The search is not case sensitive and will return items with partial matches. For example, searching for Sale will return items including Sales and sale.
    Select the Conditions, Report, Fact or Files check boxes corresponding to the content items.
  3. Click Go. A list of items is displayed that matches your search criteria.
  4. Click the Subscribers link corresponding to the content items.
  5. To send an email message to one or more subscribers:
    1. Click the desired email check boxes to specify which subscribers you want to email.
    2. Specify the email subject and message.
    3. Click Send Email.

    The email message is sent to the subscribers default devices.