Reviewing scheduled jobs

  1. Click Admin > Update/Process Queue Status.
  2. Review these information for jobs in the Update/Process Queue.
    A description of the item in the queue followed by the InfoSet ID.
    • Update InfoSet
    • Process InfoSet
    • Update/Process InfoSet
    State of the job:
    • Working
    • Queued
    • Cancelled
    • Error
    Status Message
    Current status of the job in the queue:
    • Working
    • Queued
    • Error
    Processing Server
    The server that is processing the job.

    This column will only have a value if a job in the queue is in a Working state.

    The time stamp of when the job was placed in the queue.
    Last Modified
    The times tamp of the last time the job's state was changed.

    Click Queue to re-queue the job or Cancel to cancel the job.