Adding a Lawson DME data source

Note: You can build reusable DME data sources with the Work With Data Sources tool.
  1. Click Admin > Work with InfoSets > Add .
  2. Select Lawson DME (Data Mining Engine).
  3. Specify this information:
    User Predefined Data Source
    Select this check box to use a predefined data source. If you select this check box, you must also select a data source name.
    Data Source Name
    Select the name of the predefined data source to be used.
    DME Query
    Specify the DME query. You can use Lawson Design Studio or the ProcessFlow String Wizard to help you write your DME query.
    Note: Specify the field names in the order in which you want them to display in the InfoSet. If you add them in the proper order, you do not have to reorder them in Step 2 of the InfoSet wizard. Follow this practice if you need to add fields to the query.

    You can specify dates using [date]. If you use [date], the format is [date=<date-value> fmt=<date-format>where <date-value> is either a born on date (to use the date of the previous update) or a relative date and <date-format> is a format for indicating how Smart Notification interprets or presents the date.

    For example, [date=-YS0 fmt=yyy-MM-dd] generates February 2, 2020 as 2020-2-16.

    See Date format overview.

    Authenticate HTTP Access
    Select this check box for Smart Notification to authenticate the user when it accesses the server where the file is stored. If you select this check box, you must also provide an authenticating user and password.
    Authenticating User
    Specify a user ID. The user you specify must have permission to access the server where the file is stored.
    Authenticating Password

    Specify the password for the user ID you specified.

  4. Click Preview after you have completed the fields on the form.Smart Notification returns a data sample based on the query you provided.
    • If you have specified any parameters for the data source, a form listing the parameters along with text boxes appears. Use this form to specify a value for each parameter.
    • If Smart Notification does not return data, check your query statement for errors.