Activity Report

The Activity Report screen enables you to monitor the activity of the received content. Any errors, delivery problems, or additional details will be reported.

Launch Smart Notification and click Activity to access the report screen.

The activity report contains these information:

Option Description
Time Stamp Indicates the date and time of the activity.

Indicates the type of event that occurred.

  • RECEIVED Indicates the point at which the Delivery Engine received something to be delivered.

  • SCHEDULED Indicates the point at which the Delivery Engine works out when something must be delivered.

  • FORMATTED Indicates the point at which the Delivery Engine arranges for the information to be formatted for delivery.

    For some items, such as time-sensitive notifications, this is done immediately after the event is scheduled. For others, such as reminders, this is normally done immediately prior to delivery.

  • DELIVERED Indicates that the content was delivered.


Shows a unique system-generated tracking number created for certain activities. This normally appears at the bottom of a notification or reminder (if allowed by the formatting template used).

For example, you can take the tracking number at the bottom of an e-mail notification and use the Activity page to track its progress through the different stages of delivery.

Document Type Shows the document type.
Document Shows the name of the document.
Device Shows the device that the notification was delivered to.
Message View the message associated with the content.
Details Access additional information, such as when something is scheduled for delivery, or a complete debug list for any errors that occurred.