Redelivering an alert

  1. Click Admin > Delivered Alert History.
  2. On the Delivered Alert History tab, use these criteria to search for delivered alerts:
    Alert ID
    Specify the alert ID to search for a particular alert or click Search to search for an Alert ID.
    Note: If you do not have the alert ID, use the criteria below to search for the alert.
    Recipeint Email
    Specify an alert recipient's email address to find all alerts delivered to that recipient.
    Processed Between
    Select dates to search for alerts delivered between those dates.
    Check the box to search for bursted alerts.
  3. Click Get Delivered Alert History.
  4. Click Redelivery for a particular alert to resend that the alert to the recipient.
    Note: If you searched for and selected bursted alerts, clicking Redelivery will resend the alert to everyone in the group.