Formatting relative dates

Relative dates are specified by three characters followed by a number. For example, D+YE1 represents the end of the year, one year from today.

Specific Unit of time Description
+ This symbol means forward in time.
- This symbol means backward in time.
Y Year
M Month
D Day
h Hour
m Minute
s Second
B Specifies the beginning of the period.
S Specifies the same time as now, but within the new period.
E Specifies the end of the period.
Number The specific number is the number of units.


D+YS0 - is today's date.

D+YS1 - is one year from today.

D-YB0 - is the beginning of this year.

D+YE0 - is the end of this year.

D-MB3 - is three months prior to the beginning of this month.

D+DS7 - is one calendar week from today (counting today).