To work with InfoSets in a group

  1. Click Admin > Work With InfoSets.
  2. Click the group name to display all of the InfoSets in the group.
  3. Click the link corresponding to the group task to be performed.
    Update Group

    Refresh all external InfoSets within the group. Smart Notification fetches any new data from the data sources, but does not process and deliver notifications.

    This option does not refresh internal InfoSets.

    Process Group

    Process and deliver all notifications that use the InfoSets in the group.


    Access the InfoSet URLs screen and view a the list of global, group, and individual InfoSet URLs corresponding to the item you selected.

    Click an InfoSet link to update the InfoSet and process notifications that use that InfoSet.

    You can also use the InfoSet URLs screen to identify the InfoSet URLs to add to a batch job.