Working with the notifications page

Use this procedure to navigate through the Notifications page. The Notifications page displays the notifications you own or have subscribed to. It provides a brief view of all your notifications and gives you access to additional features and functions.

New users are automatically shown a version of the Subscribe page the first time they log on to Smart Notification. This page lets new users specify their email address as an initial delivery device and choose the content to which they want to subscribe.

  1. Click Notifications. The Notifications page is displayed.
  2. Select an option:
    • Add

      Add a notification.

    • Options

      Access the Options screen, which is a shortcut to all of the primary Smart Notification features.

    • Hide Groups/Show Groups

      Hide or show your notifications organized by the Home Page Groups.

      Home Page Groups help you organize related notifications. They are chosen or created in the Notification wizard. If you need more space on the screen for a specific Home Page Group, collapse other groups by clicking on them.

    • Refresh

      Update the statuses of your notifications.

    • Subscribe

      Show the items you have access to that have been flagged as being content aimed for new users.

    • Subscribe To More

      Access all notifications you are able to subscribe to.

  3. Specify this information:
    Review a notification's details, links, auto-related information, and formatting.

    The Name appears in the Subject line when sent to an email device. You can modify the name in the Notification wizard if you are allowed to edit it. You can only edit notifications that you create.

    Provides a summary of the results a notification is returning. This summary can be either numeric or textual depending on the type of notification and its purpose.
    • Good News/Bad News: This value indicates whether the notification contains good news or bad news. This option is set in the Status section of the Notification wizard.
    • Numeric Value: The value column displays a numeric value when a notification represents a specific number. for example, Total Sales. In some cases the text is colored green for good and red for bad, with an arrow graphic just to the left of the data.
    • Multiple: The value column displays this value when a notification represents multiple values, for example, the individual sales figures for each of 50 states.
    • Advanced: The value column displays this value when a notification represents a complex condition that does not resolve to a single value.
    • Library: The value column displays for any library files to which you have subscribed.
    Displays the delivery time for notifications. Depending on how schedules are defined they can vary in their message.
    • When Tripped: Smart Notification will send the notification when the defined condition is met.
    • When Updated: Smart Notification will send the notification each time the repository is updated, letting you know that there may have been a change to the data.
    • Advanced: The notification has multiple schedules defined. To get specific details about an Advanced schedule click on the Edit link associated with that specific notification, then go to the My Schedules section of the Notification wizard.
    • No Schedule: You suspended delivery of the notification or have not defined a schedule. The notification will not be delivered to any device and will only be available by logging on and looking at the Notifications page.
    Lets you distinguish between notifications you have created or own and others you are subscribed to.

    Checked notifications indicate that you are the owner. Unchecked notifications are items that you have or have been subscribed to.

    Deliver To
    Indicates which device has been chosen. If more than one device has been selected the status is Multiple, otherwise the name of the device will be listed.
    Click this option to edit an existing notification. When you click this option, Smart Notification opens the Notification wizard.

    If you have subscribed to a notification, you cannot edit it. However, you may be able to customize certain parameters to fit your needs. When you customize a notification, Smart Notification replaces the Edit option with Customize.

  4. Click X to unsubscribe to the notification.