Date format overview

The general date format is [date=<date-value> fmt=>date-format>] where <date-value> is a relative date and <date-format> is a format for indicating how Smart Notification interprets or presents the date.

For example, [date=-YS0 fmt=yyyy-MM-dd] generates February 2, 2020 as 2020-02-16.

You can use exact dates or relative dates. Exact dates can be YYYYMMDDhhmmss, YYYYMMDD, or hhmmss.

Relative dates can be [+|-][Y|M|D|h|m|s]{[B|E|S]}<n> where:

  • [+|-] is the relative date is either from or before today
  • [Y|M|D|h|m|s] is year, month, day, hour, minutes, seconds
  • {[B|E|S]} is beginning of the time period, end of the time period, or today, only use with Year and Month
  • <n> is the number of units

For example, +YS1 is one year from today, -YB0 is the beginning of this year, +YB0 is the end of this year, -MB3 is the three months prior to the beginning of this month, and +DS7 is one calendar week from today, counting today.