Traffic lighting

Traffic lighting is the process of assigning a color to a condition (for example, greater than or less than). The colors that you assign appear as the background colors in charts and tables. Typically, red represents bad, yellow represents OK, and green represents good. However, when you create templates, you can specify the colors.

Smart Notification also enables you to select and modify dials, gauges, or buttons for traffic light data. For more information about dials, gauges, buttons, and traffic lighting, see Rendering options.

Smart Notification supports traffic lighting with one threshold or two thresholds.

Single threshold

You use a single threshold for conditions such as greater than and less than. The two traffic lighting options that are available are:

  • Higher is better

  • Lower is better

Two threshold

You use the two threshold traffic lighting for range comparisons, such as inside range and outside range. In this example, there are four possible traffic lighting combinations:

  • Higher is better

  • Lower is better

  • Inside range is better

  • Outside range is better