Content overview

Working with content involves:

  • Subscribing users to notifications
  • Changing the ownership of content
  • Importing content

Tools that can be used with content

Smart Notification has several tools available to help you work with content. Click the Admin button on the main toolbar to access these tools.

  • Content Administration Tool

    Use this tool to browse content and assign ownership of content to specific users. This aids in daily administration activities, including managing organizational changes (for example, when a user is promoted to a new role and ownership of content related to his or her previous role needs to go to others).

    The task of force-subscribing groups of users to specific content is handled by the separate Group Content Subscription tool.

  • Group Content Subscription Tool

    Use this tool to browse content and force-subscribe it to specific users and groups of users, regardless of who the content is owned by. This feature is especially useful in initial deployment by helping provide users with relevant, compelling content when they first use the system. You can also assign pertinent content to groups of users on an ongoing basis. For example, to reflect changes in corporate or departmental key performance indicators.