Adding or modifying delivery devices

Use this procedure to add or modify delivery device information. The Your Devices section of the Delivery Devices page provides a list of your delivery devices, together with the ability to add or edit them.

If you are an administrator, you can modify all delivery devices from the Content Administration screen.

  1. Click Personal Settings.
  2. Click Delivery Devices. The Delivery Devices screen is displayed.
  3. Click Add Device to create a new device. The Edit link next to a device to modify an existing device or create a new device based on an existing device.
  4. Specify this information:
    Specify a descriptive name for the device. For example, Work Email.
    Select the device type.
    Operating Hours
    Specify the days and times that the delivery device is available. When you click this window, the Deliver Hours screen is displayed.
    Cascading Device
    Specify the cascading device. Cascading devices work as a hierarchy in conjunction with the device's operating hours.
    • If a notification is sent to a device at a time when the user has specified that the device should not be used, set in the device's operating hours specifications, the notification is sent to the device specified as the cascading device.
    • If that device is not operational, the notification is sent to the next cascading device that you set up.
    Specify the address of the device. For example,
    Specify an appropriate template for the device. The template that you specify is used to format the notification.
  5. Click Add. The Delivery Devices screen is displayed with the delivery device information that you added or edited.

    This table shows the device status:

    Status Description
    Enabled The device is ready to receive content.
    Disabled The device has been manually turned off. To enable or disable a device, click the Edit link to the right of the device.
    Awaiting Confirmation You have not yet entered the confirmation code that was sent to a device that you added. A confirmation code must be entered before the system will deliver content to this device.

    Confirmation codes protect abuse of the system and protect you from accidentally sending important information to the wrong delivery device simply because you incorrectly typed an email address or other identifier.

    If you have the confirmation code, click the Edit link to the right of the device. Specify the code in the Awaiting Confirmation field.