Adding an LDAP data source

  1. Click Admin > Work with InfoSets > Add .
  2. Select LDAP.
  3. Specify this information:
    User Name
    Specify the administrator user ID. The user you specify must have permission to execute LDAP queries on the LDAP server used as a data source.
    Specify the password for the administrator.
    Provider URL
    Specify the provider's URL.
    Context Factory
    Specify the context factory.
    Search Base
    Specify the search information.
    Specify the query.
  4. Click Preview after you have completed the fields on the form.Smart Notification returns a data sample based on the query you provided.
    • If you have specified any parameters for the data source, a form listing the parameters along with text boxes appears. Use this form to specify a value for each parameter.
    • If Smart Notification does not return data, check your query statement for errors.