Adding personal data values

Use this procedure to add personal data values. For more information, see Using variables to create notifications.

  1. Click Personal Settings.
  2. Click Data Values. The Personal Data Values screen is displayed.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Specify this information:
    Name, Description
    Specify a name and description for the personal data values.
    Displays your value for a each personal data value. For example, your employee ID or a personal threshold, or filter.
    Click here to select categories
    Click this link to access the Pick Tree Locations screen where you can select the categories.

    Select the same category that is applied to the measure that a threshold variable will be applied to or the key column that a filter variable will be applied to.

    Click here to select user and user groups
    Click this link to access the Share to Users and User Groups screen where you can select the users and user groups.

    If you do not select any users and user groups, then everyone is allowed access to the file.

  5. Click Save.