Creating or modifying an InfoSet

This procedure provides an overview about the InfoSet wizard and how to set up and save an InfoSet. For specific instructions about the individual setup steps in the InfoSet wizard, see the other procedures in this chapter.

You must be an administrator to perform this procedure.

  1. Click Admin > Work With InfoSets to open the Work With InfoSets screen.
  2. Click Add to create an InfoSet or click Edit to modify an InfoSet. Click an existing InfoSet's Edit link to create a new InfoSet based on an existing InfoSet.
  3. Select a data source:
    • Delimited Document
    • Lawson DME
    • Hyperion Essbase
    • File System
    • Relational Database (JDBC)
    • OLAP Server
    • LSN Internal Data
    • LDAP
    • Java Property Document
    • XML Document
    Note: If you are creating a InfoSet that will make a direct IOS call, you must use a predefined data source.
  4. Click each step number and specify the corresponding information. See the detailed procedures for each step.
  5. Click Step 4 to name and save the InfoSet. Your InfoSet is displayed in the Work With InfoSets screen under the group to which you saved the InfoSet