Cascading style sheets and Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports offers report designers the ability to specify a CSS Class Name on a report's text objects. These class names can then be referred to in a CSS file that is attached to, or associated with, a published report instance. This is a key feature for organizations who wish to have reports branded for different report recipients. For example, one Crystal Report could contain the same data but have different CSS applied for different report consumers.

Using this approach, you can create a report that specifies the required CSS class names in the header. You can keep custom CSS files in the CSS directory of the Crystalviewers directory under the web directory of the Crystal server. It is recommended that you work on a copy of Crystal's default CSS. You can test that CSS and associate it with a published report. The same report can be published for different consumers in the organization with suitable CSS branding for each consumer group. Reporting Services does not deliver style sheets. Instead you create them from or adapt other CSS files and add the CSS file path to the report’s options.

See Creating and mapping a CSS to a Crystal Report.