Modifying a Crystal Report's data settings

Use this procedure to modify the settings of Crystal report.

Note: You can only modify data settings for Crystal reports (.RPT). You cannot modify data sources for any other report type.
  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select My Reports. The Reports screen is displayed.
  2. Click the details link for the report. The Report Details screen is displayed.
  3. Select Report Options > Data Settings. The Data Settings screen is displayed.
  4. To change the data source, select a different data source in Override Datasource. The list contains other available data sources that match the report's data source type, for example, SQL Server.
    Note: A administrator must set up the data sources in Reporting Services Administration > New Data Source before they are displayed this field.
  5. In the When Viewing Report screen, specify this information:
    Prompt for user ID and password
    Select the user for the user ID and password associated with the report source.
    Use the user ID and password entered above
    Specify a user ID and password. The user must provide this ID and password to access the report.
    Use the current user's ID and password
    Select to allow automatic access to the report using your, the currently logged in user, Infor BI for Lawson log on ID and password.
  6. In the Crystal Report Engine Server field, specify the machine name or the IP address of the Crystal server.
    Note: Use this procedure to specify the location of the Crystal server. If the Crystal server and the data source are installed on different servers, you must modify the Crystal server option. Normally, the Crystal Server is installed on the same server as the data source. However, the Crystal Server can be installed on a different server for security purposes or to speed up processing time. Multiple instances of the Crystal Server may also be set up on different servers. This procedure will allow a system administrator or power user to specify which Crystal server should be used for processing a particular report.
  7. Click Save or to clear all data source settings, click Reset.