Using Reporting Services system variables to create Crystal Report parameters

Use this procedure to create parameters in Crystal Reports by using any of the Reporting Services variables.

You can use parameters to add hyper links or display values in the reports.

  1. In Crystal Reports, select the report that you want to modify.
  2. Create a new parameter.
  3. In Name specify LAWSONRS_variablename. Where variablename is the name of the system variable. For example, LAWSON_CurrentUser or LAWSON_ReportName.

    You do not need to use @ in the parameter name.

  4. Add the parameter to where you want it to appear in the report.
  5. Save the report.
  6. Open the Tools dashboard and select My Reports.
  7. Publish the report you modified. See Publishing a report.
  8. View the report to see the added Crystal Report parameters.