Adding or modifying a selection formula

Use this procedure to add a new selection formula to a published Crystal report, or to modify an existing selection formula. Either the report's owner or an administrator can add or modify a selection formula.

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select My Reports. The Reports screen is displayed.
  2. Click the details of the report to which you want to add a filter.
  3. Click Customize Selection Formula. The Selection Formula screen is displayed.
  4. To view the report's existing filter statement, click View Selection Formula Defined in Report.
  5. Specify the filter syntax. For a parameter, use syntax ?parametername.

    Before you can add a parameter to a selection formula, you must have created the user parameter. For more information about adding a user parameter, see Adding and maintaining user parameters

  6. Specify whether you want to append or replace the statement. If you choose to append the statement, you must specify whether the new statement is an AND or OR statement.
  7. Click Save.