Reports are presented in lists, instead of being accessed in folders. Users can view, organize, sort, and access individual reports. Reporting Services delivers three standard lists: All, History, and Favorites. Users can create and customize their own personal or sharable lists. Users can also publish, print, view, refresh, modify item options, access item history, and delete items from lists. Also, you can build links from Framework Services' dashboards to report lists.

Note: Lists can be modified, renamed, and deleted by the list owner or the administrator.

When building or modifying a list, users can do these:

  • Build and apply filters so that the list shows only certain items. For example, a user could build a filter to view Crystal reports created by user 4698 between October 3, 2020 and October 11, 2020.
  • Specify the report information to display on the list. For example, a user can design a list to include columns that contain the item's name, creator, and date created.
  • Sort the list by columns. For example, a user can sort a list alphabetically by item name or in descending order by creation date.
  • Share a list by assigning users or groups of users to the list.