Reporting Services Administration

The Reporting Services Administration screen contains all the tools you need to publish (create) and administer reports. You can access the Reporting Services Administration screen using the Report Administration link on the Tools dashboard. This section describes each of the tools on the Reporting Services Administration

The Reporting Services Administration screen contains six groups of report administration tools.

Report management
This group of report administration options provides tools to publish or create a report to the report repository, maintain existing reports in the repository, maintain report schedules, create and maintain report security groups.
Publish a new report
You can publish reports and other items to the Reporting Services repository provided you have administrative rights to do so. After the reports and items are published to the repository, Reporting Services allows you to modify report properties using the same report details screen described for My Reports.
Maintain reports
After a report is published to the repository it is available for editing. Editing a newly published or an existing report, by using the Maintain Reports option, allows you to define additional report details. The details available for editing differ depending on the report type. Report properties include:
  • Report options such as data settings, output options, report attributes, events that control the distribution of the report, and report archival occurrences.
  • User options for setting user permissions
  • Scheduling for creating and maintaining report distribution and bursting functionality
  • Data filtering for setting data filters that control bursting criteria.
  • Report actions to directly access report instances and for defining settings to control exporting, printing and republishing reports.
Group Management
This set of options allows you to define and maintain custom user groups, in addition to authentication provider groups managed by Framework Services. You assign permissions to groups in the rights management option set. The concept of user groups allows for more effective management of user permissions.
Rights Management
This set of options allows you to create elements and structures which control report bursting.
List Management
This option group provides tools for creating attributes and attaching them to reports and report lists.
Server Administration
This option group provides tools for performing administrative tasks related to data sources, system and job scheduler, filter variables, and system, or user, permissions.