Report-based security and report permissions

Report security determines who gets a report. Each report has its own security criteria independent of all other reports. You can copy security settings from one report to another to save set-up time.

Report security

As a report owner or administrator, you secure a published report by attaching user and permission combinations. You can attach, and modify, default permissions to a report and, if not changed, these permissions apply to all users given access to the report. You can select each report user in turn and override the default permissions.

Setting up permissions for report users

Permission are assigned in three steps:

  1. Assign default permissions to a report. See Modifying report default permissions.
  2. Assign users, roles or custom groups to the report. See Setting up report users.
  3. Optionally, override certain default permissions for specific users or roles. See Setting up report users.

If your reporting process requires you to assign the same users and permissions to multiple report, you can assign security groups which are created at the system level and consist of users, custom groups, roles, and permissions. See Creating a security group.