Adding a Crystal Reports cascading parameter

  1. Open the report in Crystal.
  2. Create a new parameter.
  3. In List of Values, select Value.
  4. In Value, select the parameter you want to modify for example, Country.
  5. Click the Click here to add item to select a child of the parameter. For example, Region is a child of Country.
  6. In Parameters, click the Click to create parameter for the parameter and child. For example, My Parameter - Country and My Parameter - Region.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Select Report > Select Expert.
  9. Click the New tab.
  10. Select the parameter. For example, Country.
  11. Select is equal to.
  12. Select My Parameter - parameter .

    Where parameter is the parameter you created. For example, My Parameter - Country.

  13. Click the New tab.
  14. Select is equal to.
  15. Select My Parameter - parameter .

    Where parameter is the child parameter. For example, My Parameter - Region.

  16. Click OK and save the report.