With HF 25, Infor documentation is delivered as a browser-accessible responsive web help system. This help technology replaces the infocenters.

The documentation is easy to install and provides the following features:

  • The responsive web help system is deployed in a web server. As a best practice, use a different web server than the one used for your Infor Lawson applications. See the Infor BI for Lawson/M3 Installation Guide for installation instructions.
  • You can also access the help content in the responsive web help system through Infor's public documentation web site: You can direct users to this site for documentation in addition to, or instead of, a locally-installed help system.

If you are using the Documentation Context Application in Infor OS, keep the infocenter installed to access the documentation through that link.

For more information on context applications, see the Infor Operating Service Administration Guide.