Planning and creating a dashboard

A Framework Services dashboard is a collection of content modules and content links designed for a specific user role based on what the user role has requested. If users or roles have not requested specific information, you build their dashboard with only the information they require to perform certain tasks.

Design considerations

When designing a dashboard, consider these questions:

  • What is the purpose of the dashboard?
  • Who is using the dashboard and what tasks are they performing?
  • What information and applications do users need to perform the tasks?
  • What is the location of the data to be included in the dashboard?
  • Are there security issues regarding the information and applications?

A well-designed dashboard fulfills these functions:

  • Information: A dashboard provides the role with answers to fundamental business questions. For example, what are the monthly sales in California and decisions, for example, do I hire more sales people in California?
  • Access: A dashboard allows access to information on different systems and sources without requiring the role to log into and browse those systems. For example, reports with Drill Around and Lawson forms that are needed to gather all information relating to monthly sales in California.
  • Alerts: A dashboard alerts the role to specific issues and problems within the business. For example, monthly sales in California are falling below projected sales.